My sister has been an Internet holdout. But she just got a new smartphone and is enjoying using free wi-fi when it's available. Slowly but surely.

We've joked in the past about what would happen if the Internet just crashed. I mean, globally. It was just gone. She's always said, "Hey, if they can't look up on Google how to get that twist tie off the loaf of bread, I'll make 'em a sandwich. Can't let 'em go hungry."

Me? I've always thought a movie about such a cataclysm would make a GREAT disaster movie.

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But forget about the "crash" aspect. Let's pretend, for the moment, we'd NEVER had the Internet. And that's a tough concept for a good many people; I first heard the WORD "Internet" in 1994, so we're talking about an entire generation that doesn't know any different.

But here's what we'd be doing and using and dealing with had the Internet never happened:

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