Well, whether we like it or not, Spring is here. And, if you live anywhere but the concrete jungle, you might come across some unwelcome strangers in your yard. Here's what to do if you happen to find yourself entertaining these guests.

According to Molly's Bees Honey owner Jennifer Parshall, "Spring is only three weeks away! That means that the bees will be preparing to swarm soon. Swarming is the way that hives naturally reproduce. When a hive is strong enough and has a good population of bees, they will produce a new Queen, then the old queen will leave the hive and take half of the bees with her, leaving the new queen and the remaining bees behind. If you happen to see a swarm of bees, DO NOT PANIC! A swarm of bees is very docile, as they have no hive, no eggs and no honey to protect. DO NOT spray them with pesticides! PLEASE DO call your local beekeeper's association and they will be more than happy to send a beekeeper to collect the bees. Once collected, the beekeeper will put them into a hive and help them establish a new colony."

So, if you see a swarm of bees, don't hurt them! We NEED bees in our ecosystem! Without honey bees pollinating plants, all living creatures would die. Do you want to die? NO! So, call your local beekeeper!

The image below is a swarm of bees today in Atlanta. Photo credit: Tim Spanjer of GA

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