Here he is... Edward Snowden.  He's on the move again and the Government wants him right now.  Its a shame they can't jump into the picture and arrest him because im sure by now people are sick of seeing the image.  Most of us know what he has done.  He leaked some super top secret stuff to the people.  Now he is wanted for espionage.

Snowden is a former Defense Contractor and he was supposed to be on an aeroflot flight making his way from Moscow to Ecuador where he applied for asylum.  But NEWS!  He wasn't on the flight.  Ecuadorian Foreign Minister Ricardo Patino was asked if he was concerned that giving snowden asylum may damage his countrys relationship with the United States and he says Ecuador is more concerned about human rights.  Good Answer.

On the show Monday morning I realized where this guy has been.  Hong Kong to Russia, now to Ecuador.  This made me think of Carmen Sandiego and her little jingle "Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego?"  "Where in the World Is Edward Snowden?"