The Whitesville Lions Club has a storied history of raising money for and supporting people who truly need it.  And they're gearing up for their annual and incredibly popular Deer Hunter's Breakfast. The club didn't have to look far when they were deciding on a recipient for this year's proceeds.  This year, they simply looked to a fellow club member.

Ray Hamilton has serving with the Whitesville Lions Club for roughly two decades. He knows, first-hand, what the power of a group of people can do and the change they can bring.  This year, he and his family will benefit from those efforts and the passion of the club.

Ray's son, Ronnie, is in desperate need of a heart transplant.  Ronnie, who's just 47-years-old, suffered a serious heart attack in 2020. Upon being transported to the emergency room, cardiologists discovered that his heart was only pumping at 10% capacity. He underwent immediate open heart surgery and was given a Left Ventricular 3 Turbo pump.  That device is essentially keeping Ronnie alive until he gets a transplant.

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The initial open heart surgery cost an estimated $500,000.  Of course, there have been repeated and routine trips to and from a heart specialist in Lexington and additional expenses as well. Ronnie is expected to be formally added to the heart transplant wait list next month.  A former smoker, Ronnie was asked to remain smoke-free for at least six months in order to have his name added to the list.  He has done so and is now looking forward to a new heart and new start.  Doctors just have to find him one.

Fittingly, all the proceeds from next weekend's Deer Hunter's Breakfast will be used to offset Ronnie's growing medical costs, which, as you can imagine, continue to be tremendous.

There is not set ticket price for the breakfast. The Whitesville Lions Club is simply serving breakfast for donations.  As Cathy Roby, a proud Lions Club member says, they're cooking up a mess of something. Actually, they're cooking up just about everything you could want in a big, hearty breakfast. They're serving "bacon, sausage, eggs, biscuits, gravy and donuts."

The Deer Hunter's Breakfast is from 4am to 10am, Saturday, November 13th at the Whitesville Senior Center in Whitesville Park on Hwy 54.  All are welcome!

If you'd like additional information, you can call 270-316-6914.

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