Pardon the pun . . . by why do people feel the need to dump dirty diapers in parking lots?

The other day, I was walking to my car in the parking lot of Kroger on West Parrish Avenue in Owensboro and found these in the space right next to where I was parked.  I thought I was going to power hurl right next to cart return.  Nothing can ruin a mood or appetite more than a puffy, poopie Pamper.


People, that is just NASTY!  Now, I understand that the last thing you want inside your car is a hellish Huggie.   No one "Luvs" the stench of a dirty diaper, but throwing them onto the parking lot is just completely rude and disrespectful . . . not only to the next person that tries to park in that space, but also to the folks parked around that space and the Kroger employee who is likely going to have to pick up the dirty diapers and throw them in the trash because you were too lazy.

A recent article by the website Small Footprint Family says that 84 million pounds of raw fecal matter go into the environment every year.  Not only is that gross, but it's actually dangerous.  That contaminates ground water and spreads disease.  In fact, there are many dangers of diapers that are not disposed of properly.  To read over them, CLICK HERE!

In the meantime, if your kid drops a big deuce in his pants and you have to change the diaper in the parking lot, take it with you.  Roll down the windows, put a can of Wizard in the glove box, and gasp for air until you get home.  If you don't want to deal with I can assure you that the rest of us don't either.  So, let's all agree to be on the "Up & Up."  "Goodnite".