How about them apples?  The question of the day.

Excuse the random C&C Music Factory song reference, but this is definitely one of those "Things That Make You Go Hmmmm."  Oh, and yes.  I double checked.  You do spell "Hmmmm" with four Ms.

A friend of mine was shopping at a local grocery store a few days ago and came across a half-eaten apple sitting in the middle of one of the store shelves.


I'm sorry.  What?!  I have so many comments and questions about this.  And, I'll confess.  I have encountered quite similar things during my own shopping experiences.

So, as CNN's Chris Cuomo says, "Let's get after it."  Let's break this down and see if we can figure out how and why this happens.

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Here's my first question.  Did you pay for that apple?  Now, I suppose it's possible that someone picked up a bag of apples, tossed it into the cart, then started hoofing it around Meijer crossing items of the shopping list.  Look.  I know everyone in town.  When I go to the grocery, it's a social event.  I typically run into a number of people that I know and I always end up spending way more time in the store than I intended.  This is why Kevin refused to go grocery shopping with me.  He did once.  Emphasis, major emphasis, on the word ONCE.  It took 45 minutes to travel three aisles.  I kept running into friends and talking with them.  By Aisle 4, Kevin had left the store, driven home and requested that I just call him when I am finished and ready for curbside pickup.  LOL.  That's a true story.

So, yes.  I understand that grocery shopping can be unexpectedly time consuming.  I suppose it is quite feasible that this happened to someone else and, well, they just got hungry goshdarnit and needed a snack.  But, again.  Burning questions remain.


Did you pull that apple out of the bag of apples you planned to pay for or did you just grab a stray, lone apple off the apple display and commit petty theft by gnawing into it then leaving it for dead in the chip aisle?

And my next question is what I consider to be another simple one.  Could you not have used a trash can???!!!   It's a grocery store- with a deli, a meat department, a produce section and an infinite number of cashier lanes and customer service desks.  I am prety sure each and everyone of the folks and sections above have, at their disposal (yes, pun intended) a TRASH CAN!

Now, while I am all about the big party box full of Lays and Doritos, I find them slightly less appetizing when they're framed by an apple with enough teeth marks in it to be identified by a forensics expert.

As me friend commented on Facebook when he captured this photo . . . "Let's keep it classy, Owensboro."

I mean, can we?  Please.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever seen at on a grocery store shelf or in the floor of an aisle?



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