Since we moved into our house in November, we haven't done much with the yard, obviously. But, mentally, we are preparing.

First, we have to get all of those leaves out of there before we can do ANYTHING. And then we can start planting. We're thinking vegetables, but who knows.

There are also all kinds of cool tips for the garden that I am anxious to try.

Now, if you buy bunches of bananas with the goal of letting them get overripe enough so you can use them to make banana bread, well then, you're doing the Lord's work. Banana bread ROCKS.

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But it's not a bad idea to save a couple of those bananas for the butterflies. No, not because they love banana bread (although, they might). It's because they love that BANANA in its fragile, mushiest form.

My friend Scott tipped me off to this. I'd never heard of doing this before, but now I can't wait.

Butterflies like overripe fruit. The example he shared was specifically for bananas, but according to The Butterfly Lady (yes, the Butterfly Lady), butterflies are also fond of rotting oranges, strawberries, apples, peaches, grapefruit, and nectarines.

But if you just want to go with bananas, this guy will show you how to make a banana hanger for your garden:

This spring is going to be a LOT of fun.

So remember, the next time you're at the grocery store and you're loading your cart with oranges, strawberries, bananas, and the like, PLEASE seize the opportunity, if someone asks, and say, "Oh no. They're not for me; they're for my butterflies."

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