With this being Daylight Savings Time weekend, I got to thinking? Why do we still do it? Why do we still "spring forward and fall back?"

It's over a hundred years old and I believe it was initiated to give a more agrarian society extra daylight.

Now that we're a less agrarian society than we were back then, why don't we set the clocks ahead one hour...and then leave it that way.

The big complaint in the fall--that it gets dark too early, and it does--usually outweighs the only conceivable complaint in the spring--that we lose an hour of sleep.

Count me among those who have no problem sacrificing that hour for extra daylight.

California is considering dropping it altogether, but I think mine is the better idea.

If we were to say on "summer hours" all the time, we wouldn't have that November-January annoyance of the sun setting before 5PM.

Good Lord, that drives me nuts. Seriously, in those months, it feels like midnight at 8PM. If we set the clocks ahead one hour and leave them alone, the sun will never set before 5PM. I can live with "before 6" for a little while.

So for what it's worth, I don't really want to drop it completely unless we do so after the second weekend in March and then never deal with it again.