Let's get this out of the way up front. There are two "Van Camps." With apologies to the pork 'n' beans people, there are the Van Halen folks (David Lee Roth as lead singer) and the Van Hagar folks (Sammy Hagar, of course).

I'm in the Van Halen contingent.

So when I heard about this, I got a little excited.

It seems David Lee Roth, in an interview with Vulture, alluded to playing at Yankees Stadium...and then pulled back for fear of already causing a "leak."

Too late, Roth. It's out there.

Consequence of Sound didn't waste any time, either, in reading between the lines. Although it's not exactly like Diamond Dave was being obviously subtle.

So yeah, if we're getting this from a David Lee Roth interview, we're talking the ORIGINAL line-up, Michael Anthony included.

One, I hope this is true. Two, I hope they play somewhere within reasonable driving distance (Louisville or Nashville, preferably).

Oh, and three...has it really been THIRTY-FOUR YEARS since that line-up was on the road?

That's a hiatus that needs to end.

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