A bar in Wisconsin knows how to get into the Christmas spirit every year.

What Is The Best Kind Of Bar?

When it comes to the type of bar I like to hang out at, it's definitely a small-town tavern-style joint. You know the kind with good burgers, cheap drinks, and an old-school jukebox. Nothing fancy, just fun. The place to find one is in the middle of nowhere in Wisconsin.

The Perfect Wisconsin Small-Town Bar For The Holiday

If you're looking for a small-town Wisconsin bar that is really into Christmas. Then I suggest checking out Bosco's Social Club in Waukesha. Since the owners took over thirteen years ago, they've gone all out for the Holidays. In fact, it gets a little bit bigger each year.

Wisconsin's Best Small-Town Christmas Bar

According to onmilwaukee.com,

You might be thinking, so tell me more about this wonderful.

Bosco’s co-owner, Alison Ippolite, who has owned the bar for 13 years with her husband, Jimmy, hangs about 2,000 vintage – and vintage-looking – ornaments from the ceiling of the bar.


There are also a few hung-upside-down Polish trees and myriad other vintage decorations.


The owner found several of the ornaments at her mom's store called Riverview Market in Milwaukee. She keeps putting up more until they are completely out of space. It takes about twenty-five hours to get the place decorated. The owner started the project on November 1st.

What Else To Know About Bosco's Social Club

Besides going crazy for Christmas, Bosco's Social Club is your typical small-town Wisconsin tavern. It's a beer-and-shot type joint with free popcorn, $2 tall boys, karaoke, trivia, DJs, and more. There's a patio that is dog friendly.

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