Chicago may be the largest city in Illinois but they could definitely learn a thing or two from the rest of the towns in our state.

Chicago Has A Horrible Problem With Crime

I understand that crime is a major situation everywhere including Illinois. In Chicago, it is completely out of control. It's gotten to the point where people are afraid to go there. Even with this huge problem, the city officials seem to want to concentrate on lesser issues.

Chicago. Illinois.
Bar vs Chicago Over Holiday Decorations

For example, they are giving a small local hot dog stand a hard time over a mural. Find out more, HERE.

City Of Chicago Bullying Local Bar Over Holiday Decorations

Now, city leaders have decided to bully a bar over the holiday decorations outside of their building. It's something the local business has done for years to help their neighbors celebrate Christmas.

According to, 

A Chicago pub owner and the city are fighting over inflatable holiday decorations.

The city told the Irish Nobleman in West Town to remove their inflatables, saying they blocked the line of sight for people driving, walking, and biking.

The Irish Nobleman is located on the corner of Erie and Noble. Each year for the holidays, they set up Christmas inflatable decorations on the sidewalk in front of the bar. They've been doing it for years and it's never been a problem before.

What's Different This Year With The Holiday Decorations?

Their alderman forced an inspection of the holiday display after the bar hosted an event for his opponent in the latest local election. Of course, the city official denies any wrongdoing. Luckily, the owners weren't given any fines but they can only keep up the smaller decorations.

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