This Japanese Dining Bar in Chicago's West Loop is getting some major attention across the globe for its unmatched cocktails and exquisite food.

Are you about due for another fantastic night out in Chicago? Not for some post-ball game beers, but a night to get dressed for, one of those kinds of nights. It's time to get fancy. Maybe it's to celebrate something, or just to celebrate how fabulous you and your partner look and you need a place that matches the heat you're both giving off.

"Kumiko, The Epitome of Elegance"

Those are not my words, but I suspect I would have the same opinion after an evening spent at this West Loop hotspot. They are quickly becoming the talk of the bar and restaurant industry for their cocktails and culinary masterpieces and recently being named one of,

The Top 5 Bars in North America

If words couldn't express how thrilled they were to receive that honor, imagine the feeling when they got the news of how well they did being compared to the best and most elegant establishments around the world.

The small and beautifully remodeled space at 630 W Lake Street in Chicago's West Loop can now boast that they are one of the 50 Best Bars in the World.

World's 50 Best Bars

Julia Momose’s Kumiko is the epitome of elegance. The refined West Loop space, livened by beautiful wood cabinetry and exposed brick, is immediately transportive. But, it is the menu where the maestra works her magic, channeling the flavours of her Japanese-American heritage.


Kumiko's food and beverage artists make everything on the menu a special experience, even the ice in your drink.

Whether it's just out for drinks you're looking for or trying some incredible new food, Kumiko should be on your must-try list soon.

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