This Wisconsin woman, is gross. She poops in random places and thinks it's funny. Not like "in a bathroom" but other locations inside businesses. Eww. Gross. Icky. Not Funny.


There's a "Blue Light Special" joke here somewhere, I'll just let you fill in your own.

Melissa Jacobson of Racine, Wisconsin returned some items at a her local Kmart location. Apparently she wasn't done with the whole "drop off" with the returns.

Dog Pooping

Melissa Jacobson returned her items, snuck behind a cash register counter and took a dump in a box. On the security video you can see an arm pop out and reach for paper towels, to wipe. After her drop off she returned to the "return" counter and finished THAT transaction and then exited the Kmart store. HUFFPOST

Pooping Habits

Kmart employees started to notice a foul odor and you guessed it, the "Poo Light Special" was found!

I'm guessing this is a "thing" for Melissa, let me explain. She was wearing a t-shirt that has a dump truck on it that reads "dropping a load."

People are into some weird sh*t I tell ya, and this one take the urinal cake. People that go into stores, and take a dump in public. Weirdos.

One of the employees recognized Melissa as a regular customer (take that however you want).  She had been there enough times, that the store was able to supply the cops with her actual address.

When officers visited Melissa, she denied being the mystery pooper...even though it was caught of video. She resisted arrested but eventually was brought in. She was charged with three things:

disorderly conduct

resisting an officer

obstructing an officer


Also Melissa was charged with needing T.P. for her bunghole.

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