Have you noticed that your WiFi has been running much slower than usual this holiday season? The reason behind that could be one you never would have expected.

So, you have decorated your house for Christmas. Sure, your home isn't as adorned with Christmas decorations as Clark Griswold's (or maybe it is), but it still brings Christmas cheer to you and your loved ones. However, perhaps you have recently noticed that your internet has been slower lately. Slow internet speeds will turn anyone into The Grinch, and Christmas could be to blame.

Your Christmas tree and other decorations could be the reason why your WiFi has been slower lately. The Christmas tree in your house could be blocking the signal and slowing down your WiFi speed. According to The Sun, your WiFi internet works using radio waves. These radio waves can be reflected and even blocked by things like lights and tinsel.

The further you can place your Christmas tree from your internet router, the stronger of a connection that you will have. That being said, if your tree is in the same room as your router, the lights, tinsel, and even shiny ornaments that your Christmas tree is adorned with could be the main culprit for the slower internet speeds that you are experiencing. The radio waves from the router will hit your lights, tinsel, and ornaments and bounce off and scatter. This will cause your WiFi to slow down, according to The Sun.

Oh, and make sure that you don't plug your Christmas lights into the same outlet as the router. This raises the chances of your connection dropping. So, if you've been experiencing slower internet speeds this holiday season, you might want to consider rearranging your Christmas tree and shiny decorations to see if that helps.

(H/T- The Sun)

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