Thank you all for your discussion on the Citizenship Test blog. I wanted to share some of the comments that were posted. Then, I have an interesting story to tell. 

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Rebecca Drury-Thompson- If you are a citizen, what is the point? Why don’t we spend the time teaching them something that is actually needed.

Jaime Lynn Miller- They need to know how the government runs, that's extremely important!! And so what if they are natural born citizens, not only should they know how laws are passed etc but we expect others who haven't been born here to know all this, then the youth should be able too know it as well.

Ashley Smith Baird- Just because you pass a class doesn't mean you fully understand all areas in that class. It is about competency, and making sure the future generations are knowledgeable as to how the government works. You wouldn't believe the amount of people that actually don't.

Jeff Williams- I think the point of the article and subsequent bill that was passed has been lost on folks. This is not a test to stay in the country, or to “earn citizenship” as legal immigrants do. This is a knowledge test to show what seniors know about a very important topic. Civics, legislation, federal government personnel. All very important for the up and coming young voter to show competency in.

Shannon Farris Holmes- My daughter is a junior and came home telling us about this at the beginning of the school year. I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. She is an A/B Honor Roll Student with Honors classes and she stays stressed out with school work. Her Senior year will be stressful as well and they add this to it.

Susan Montalvo-Gesser- How many amendments are there to the US Constitution? It’s things we should all know. I’ll come by and quiz you sometime
Melissa Head- So glad I already graduated from high school!
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