UK coach John Calipari is an absolute master at clever recruiting techniques. But this is one he can't claim. And it's not even a technique. But it does involve a basketball legend.

Shareef O'Neal's dad wants him to play basketball at the University of Kentucky. Shareef's dad's name is Shaquille.

See, I'm thinking that if someone like Shaquille O'Neal were to walk up to ANY prospect and say I think you'd work out at Kentucky, that kid might just drop everything and say, "Then Kentucky it is."

If that prospect is the SON of that particular icon, maybe it carries even more weight, still.

Shareef is currently ranked 25th in class of 2018 and he does have other offers out there from the likes of Baylor, California Kansas State, LSU, UCLA and USC.

Well, of COURSE he has one from LSU, his dad's alma mater.

But Shaq wants his kid to go to UK, so we'll see what happens.

And, yes, if it looks like Shaquille O'Neal would be a regular attendee at UK games, imagine what that would do for recruiting.

No brainer.

Check out a Shareef O'Neal highlight reel: