The heat, the rain, the moisture, the pain of those pesky mosquitoes EATING YOU ALIVE!

CDC Says This Oil Is As Effective as DEET At Repelling Mosquitoes

If you sit out at your kids game or enjoy the camping life, you know what I'm talking about. Has anyone seen my can of OFF! spray, I'm going to mow the freaking lawn?!?

Instead of dropping $10 of some spray that let's everyone in a 100ft radius that you are wearing bug spray, there are some great "DIY" "Homemade" "household items" that do the exact same thing. Oh and these aren't chemicals...Sure all those things are FDA approved or whatever, but do we really know what's in that stuff? This is coming from the same guy that used to follow the spraying truck on his BMX bike. Good times.

Many mosquitoes fly over green grass field
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Let me know if there is one of these you have tried, or that works to best for you! Healthline

  • Lemon eucalyptus oil - For that lovely citrus scent. 
  • Lavender - For that post massage scent.
  • Cinnamon oil - Why are you licking your arm?
  • Thyme Oil - Do you really know what thyme it is?
  • Greek Catmint Oil - You got me on this one, sounds prr'fect though.
  • Soybean Oil - You would thing this would be easier to find than the cat stuff.
  • Citronella - That's the candle thingy
  • Tee Tree Oli - I know you can grab this at a CVS or Walgreens.
  • Geraniol - It's an alcohol...DO NOT drink.
  • Neem oil - Shakes head and agrees, yet has no clue.
West Nile Virus Mosquitoes Return Early To California
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What works for you? Have any at-home remedies?

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