It has been almost 20 years since this cosmic alignment took place in our solar system and very soon it will happen again. Here's why you don't want to miss it.

"A rare solar system reunion" is taking place right now and the details are pretty fascinating. I just finished an article from Mashable's Elisha Sauers that has gotten me kind of excited for what's about to go down in the early morning sky. Forget about not being a morning person, it could be another 20 years before this happens again.


See Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn Align in Natural Order

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The real 'dream' team is en route to their party in the sky and all the excitement is over the fact that it is so rare for the planets to line up in their precise order from the Sun.

Astronomers call what's happening a "conjunction", and astrologists couldn't be more excited about this planet-aligning stuff.

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Watching these bright stars getting closer to the crescent moon is what I see every morning getting into my car to come to the radio station.

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You'll be able to see the conjunction coming together every morning leading up to June 24.

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The 5 Planet Reunion Happens Early Morning on Friday, June 24

You can actually see some of the pre-alignment in the southeastern sky from now until the big show just before dawn. we get around an hour before the sun steals the rest of the show.

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