Let me begin this by saying that this is from the perspective of an Owensboro transplant. I am not actually from Owensboro, but I have lived there and it's very different from Indiana. So without further adieu, here are 10 things you'll only understand if you're from Owensboro:

1) You call the Glover Cary Bridge the "Blue Bridge."
To be honest, people that aren't from Owensboro don't call it the blue bridge. They generally call it the Owensboro bridge. Either that or they don't even realize Owensboro has a bridge (or two) *Face Palm*.

2) People in and around Owensboro tell you what county they're from, not which city.
From speaking with locals around the area, I realized that people frequently identify what county they're from instead of a city or a town. Evidently, this is because there isn't always a recognizable town or city in that county.

3) You call the Wendell Ford Expressway (60) the "Bypass."
People from outside of Owensboro call this stretch of highway "60". If you say 60 to someone in Owensboro talking about the bypass they'll look at you like you're nuts.

4) The Evansville mall is your top reason for liking Evansville.
When I'm asked where I'm from by people throughout Kentucky, I generally just say Evansville because people aren't generally familiar with Mount Vernon. Upon divulging this information it never fails that I get the following responses:
- Oh, I love the mall there.
- Don't you just love the mall there? (No, I hate it, actually.)
- We go there to go to the mall!
So, Owensboro peeps, I understand your enthusiasm about Eastland Mall, but let me just say that you should be thankful to have a mall. Where I'm actually from, the Kmart went out of business in the 90's and we now have Dollar General to meet our plethora of needs.

5) Barbeque is the real deal.
Wow. So until I visited Owensboro as a kid, I thought Evansville was BBQ central. Then I was introduced to Moonlite BBQ. Not only do you have multiple bbq places in town, you offer mutton at a few of those places which, apparently, is a Kentucky delicacy.

6) Chick-Fil-A is always chaotic.
Chick-Fil-A in Owensboro is THE place to be for lunch and dinner every single day except Sunday. The line is doubled around the building and spills out into the street. It's the craziest thing I have ever seen as far as fast food popularity. However, with their swift efficiency and amazing service, I understand why it's so popular.

7) Owensboro has a one of a kind wine bar.
Attention all people in the Tri-State: Owensboro has an amazing thing called a wine bar. It's exactly what it sounds like, only better than you imagine. SIP Owensboro offers a large selection of wines in a comfortable contemporary setting offering wine tastings and more. For the wine lover, SIP is heaven on earth.

8) You have a preference for city or county schools.
This is a foreign concept for people who aren't from Owensboro. However, for people from here, there is a clear preference for one school district or the other for their children.

9) The public parks are one of the most amazing outdoor activities Owensboro has to offer.
Of all of the traveling I've done throughout the United States, I have never seen nicer parks in any city than I have in Owensboro. Offering 3 free public splash pads, walking trails, weight lifting machines, playground equipment, a zip line and more, the Owensboro parks are hands down the best in the Tri-state.

10) People are nice.
Not to insult Hoosiers, but people really are just nicer in Kentucky. There's a wonderful southern hospitality feel to the Owensboro community and every person I've encountered is very nice. To be honest, sometimes I wonder if I'm being punk'd with how friendly people are in Owensboro!

Did I miss something? Do you disagree? Have something to add? Let me know below!!

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