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Are you shivering as you read this? Are your fingers so cold, it hurts to type? Well, here are a few nifty items that will help you stay warm and cozy at your desk, without a space heater.

This heated mouse pad reminds me of the warmers for gel manicures. This one is super cute, but you might want to get one for each hand.

These cute mittens will keep your hands warm, while you type. You can also cover your fingertips and leave your thumb out, so you can text.

Not only does this computer mouse heat up, it also has 5 hand acupressure points.

If your feet are always cold, but you aren't allowed to have a space heater at your desk, this mat is perfect for you.

How cool, I mean warm, is this wearable heat blanket? You can literally go from day to night, because it's also a pillowcase.

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