Salmonella Outbreak At Walt Disney World
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It has long been on my mind to take my daughter to Disney World. She's a true girly girl and it is her dream to be a princess. I wanted to make sure we waited until she'd remember the experience but little enough to still feel the magic. My first trip was in high school. You might say, the princess magic had long passed me by.

She starts school next year, so I wanted to pick a time when crowds would be low and kids would still be in school. So, we went with this spring. That was easy, I thought. Then I fell down the rabbit hole of Disney World planning. Everyone is happy to give me free advice, which I will happily take. So, please help me add to this list if you are a Disney expert!

And, let me be completely transparent with you. We are encouraged to blog about what's going on in our lives, so this is a perfect way to research Disney during company hours,  yo! Don't judge me.

1. Take a Stroller Even if Your Youngest is Legally an Adult

You can take food into the park, and you are going to need sunscreen, water, kid stuff, autograph books, etc. So, just push it around all day instead of hauling it on your back like you are climbing Mt. Everest. And if you get there and need a stroller you can rent one from Disney or an outside source that will deliver them to your hotel.

2. Get to the Park When It First Opens

My friend Brendon gave me this tip last night. It makes sense. Haul your booty out of bed at the buttcrack of dawn or before. Scarf some cereal and get to the gates. Do the rides you couldn't get fast passes to first. Go back to the hotel at lunchtime when everyone is at the park and rest. Then head back out when everyone is eating dinner.

3. Get Your Disney 'Stuff' Ahead of Time

I've already been Amazoning mouse ears, clothing, autograph books, and stuffies. Tink will probably visit us at night. I hear she's tight with Elf on the Shelf and the Tooth Fairy. Saves money and cuts down on the 'I WANTS.'

4. Book Early or Late in the Game

So apparently, you can reserve a table at the Disney restaurants 180 days out. As my mom would say, who knows what they want to eat six months in advance? Figure it out because at 120 days out, everything was booked and we are eating dinner at 10 PM and lunch at 10 AM. But a little birdie named Josh let me in on a secret. Everyone books up early and a lot of people change plans and cancel. If you cancel the day before there are no price penalties so check a week before your stay and rebook!

5. On-Site Just Got Bigger

Starting Jan 1, 2018 Disney allowed some of the non-Disney hotels to have Disney perks. The Holiday Inn, Hiltons, Best Western, and a few others in the Disney Springs area were allowed Extra Magic Hours with valid theme park admission and an Extra Magic Hours benefit voucher. And they have shuttles to and from the parks and cheaper character breakfasts. Some of them are a bit cheaper but be careful because they do have resort and parking fees. And your official Disney planner can help you book these hotels too.

BONUS - This Website:

They have a bunch of ways to save. They just got me free parking at my hotel. Hello, $120!!!

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