Dad is going to love you no matter what you get him, but seriously, he really doesn't need another tie. This year, get him something he might actually use, like one of these five ideas for Father's Day gifts that can do a heck of a lot more than a "World's Best Dad" mug.

Instant USB Charger

Walls may not be able to talk yet, but they sure know how to power a mobile device. Dad can't be near an outlet at all times, which means that occasionally his smart phone or iPod is bound to run out of juice. With this pocket-sized, USB-charged battery pack from the good folks at Duracell, you can help make sure he's always prepared for this unimaginably dire scenario. Amazon, $22.75


Pocket-Sized LED Magnifier

Dad's eyes aren't what they used to be. Problem is, he's not going to start carrying a man purse just so he can lug around a pair of reading glasses. For less than $6 you can outfit Dad's wallet with a credit-card sized LED magnifier that will have him seeing like a teenager with the touch of a button. Amazon, $5.48

Carson MagniCard LED Lighted Credit Card Size Magnifier

Mobile Shaver

For most working stiffs, five o'clock can't come soon enough. The only issue with quitting time though, is that sometimes it's accompanied by a bristly layer of fresh, unwanted scruff. If Dad likes to stay smooth deep into the late afternoon, Braun's MobileShave is a must. Amazon, $19.30

Braun Shaver

Diamond Sharpening Stone

It doesn't matter how big Dad's chef's knife is if the blade's as dull as his fishing stories. A good sharpening stone is essential for any decent knife. Amazon, $36.56

Diamond sharpening stone

Caffeinated Travel Soap

Anyone who's ever spent a night on the road knows that there are few things worse than a cup of joe from the hotel coffee maker. Help Dad avoid that putrid bean water when he travels by filling up his suitcase with a couple bars of Shower Shock caffeinated travel soap. ThinkGeek, $2.99-$29.99


caffeinated soap

- Contributed by Jordan Breindel

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