In this new video, Budweiser is celebrating stepfathers who love their stepchildren unconditionally. Grab a tissue and celebrate the fathers who stepped up this Father's Day!

Catherine Yeulet
Catherine Yeulet

As a stepmom I can understand how hard it can be to navigate your place in the family. You don't want to "take the place of Mom" and you don't want the children to feel uncomfortable ever. Like I said, it's very hard. I just wanted to be someone Josh could trust and rely on. I wanted him to feel comfortable talking to me about anything, to get advice from and to learn from, even if he couldn't talk about it with his Mom and Dad. I had to balance the "friendship" and the motherly role, that I knew I was becoming. Josh loves me and I always knew that. I felt blessed every day to know that I had a son, although I couldn't have one of my own. He was the exact child that I would have wanted, if I could have delivered him myself. Although we met when he was just 8 years-old, we grew to understand each other and still today we are very close. I will thank God for Josh Orion Arnold until the end of my days.

It's perfect that the team at Budweiser gets it too! It's time to celebrate the "Fathers Who Stepped Up" in this emotional and beautiful video. Your stepdad deserves nothing but the best on Father's Day, so let him know that he holds a special place in your heart.

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