Angel here!  With Father's Day quickly approaching I began to think of all the father's out there that go above and beyond for not only their own children but other children too. 

Many of you know I sing high praises of my own husband Joe.  He is a rare diamond in a world of Cubic Zurconias!  When it comes to amazing father's he ranks at the very top of the list.

Angel Welsh

When Joe and I met he had no children.  I had 3 little boys.  He immediately embraced the chaos in my world and rolled with the punches.  I remember when someone asked him if he wanted children as we planned our wedding his response "I am great with the boys Angel and I already have."

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Of course you know the rest of that story!  God blessed us with Miss Charlotte and watching him with our little girl is the most incredible blessings any mother or wife could ask for.  He loves her with a love I can't even explain.

Angel Welsh

When I took the job with WBKR one of the biggest hurdles we faced was Joe being left to conquer mornings (he is not a morning person by the way) with 4 kids all by himself.  He did it, he does it, and to top it all off he never ever complains!  Charlotte's hair may not look pageant ready and sometimes Tucker comes home with his shorts on inside out and they all may eat fruit snacks for breakfast but they survive!  They are healthy, happy, and better for having my husband as an example of how a dad is supposed to be.

Being a dad doesn't mean being perfect all the time, or being an all-star athlete, or the best cook, or smartest man alive.  It means loving your children the best way you know how, leading by example, showing them instead of telling them, playing with them, and above all else praying with them.

Angel Welsh

As I type this blog I tear up thinking how my children and I hit the husband and dad lottery.  No one compares to him in our books.  He is selfless, kind, and caring.

While he may have brought home multiple deer heads and antlers to hang on the walls of my home this week I step back, take a deep breathe and compromise knowing all the sacrifices he makes for our family!

God has surely blessed our home! The lovers of God will walk in integrity, and their children are fortunate to have godly parents as their examples. – Proverbs 20:7

Joe Welsh our family is so very grateful for you and all you do for us.  Happy Father's Day sweet man and thank you for being the dad you didn't have to be to my boys.  WE LOVE YOU~

Now go out and buy yourself that trail cam you wanted!