According to 14 News Yesterday, there were 22 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in Daviess County.  We have the highest number of any county in the Tri-State.  Today, during Governor Beshear's live update he announced even more cases across the Commonwealth and Daviess County.

 Vice President of Medical Affairs at Owensboro Health Dr. Michael Kelley says he attributes the number of cases to the hospital’s ability to test aggressively.

He says they started testing last week and have been able to get results relatively quickly. However, doctors say if you’re experiencing mild symptoms, staying home may be the best option.

Officials say they need to save tests for healthcare workers and people with pre-existing conditions.

“We started out using the state lab," Dr. Kelley said. "The state lab became overwhelmed relatively quickly in trying to test, and we used Lab Corp, and we ran into the same issue.”

Dr. Kelley says the hospital has since switched to a company called Solaris Diagnostics, which can sometimes give results within 24 hours. (14 NEWS)

Governor Beshear confirmed 92 new cases in Kentucky today.  Five of those cases being in Daviess County.  He also discussed people truly working to practice social distancing as much as possible.  Get outside but stay HEALTHY AT HOME and away from others.

The governor also confirmed 64 people who have contracted the virus have recovered in Kentucky and this was very good news.

To date there have been 15,000 test ran in Kentucky.

Governor Beshear FB
Governor Beshear FB

And if you are feeling sick, DO NOT LEAVE YOUR HOME. Instead, Owensboro Health is asking that if you have concerns about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) please call:

  • Call the Owensboro Health COVID-19 Hotline (24 hours a day) at 877-888-6647 to talk to a triage nurse. If it is determined that you should be seen by a medical professional, the nurse will give you instructions on where to go and what to do.
  • Kentucky COVID-19 Hotline - 800-722-5725



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