Move over, Halloween and Thanksgiving, it's time to start celebrating Christmas. 

Don't get me wrong, I love Halloween. I also love Thanksgiving - any holiday revolving around food and family is good with me. But the second I feel that first fall chill in the air, all I can think about is Christmas.

The magic of Christmas is a real thing. I love going around town, shopping, and visiting new places during Christmas time. Christmas is everywhere! It's like entire cities and towns morph into one big Christmas movie for 6 weeks. If you ask me, there's nothing better.

While I still celebrate and enjoy other holidays, I think it's time to keep our eyes on the most important holiday of them all. To help get you in the Christmas spirit, I've complied a bunch of cheery photos.

Side note: if you don't immediately get into the Christmas spirit after looking at these, I have to assume you're the Grinch.

Also side note: the Grinch eventually turned himself around, so I have hope for you too.

Mark Lewin

I can already see my living room lighting up with a warm, Christmas hue.

Do you get a natural tree?

A classic.


It ain't Christmas 'til we hear Michael.


Seeing all the shops around town decorated with trees and lights is my absolute FAVORITE.

(Image via Warner Bros)

Again, a classic.

Mainstreet Christmas Michelle Shephard

Evansville really does it best.


Are you that neighbor that goes all-out?

Photo Courtesy of Getty Images: Photo by Chris Stein
Carson Ganci


OK, now one final question: