If your goal when you leave college is to be happy, and successful then apparently there is one school in Illinois that can definitely help you achieve that. Which school from the Land of Lincoln made the list of Top 25 Colleges with the Happiest, Most Successful Alumni?

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The University of Chicago is the lone school from Illinois on the Top 25 Colleges with the Happiest, Most Successful Alumni list from Forbes.com.

The University of Chicago is on this list with schools like the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard, and the California Institute of Technology. So why is the University of Chicago on the list? On the list they say...

"Notable grads:Susan Sontag, writer, philosopher, and political activist; Joe Mansueto, billionaire founder and executive chair of Morningstar Inc.; Actress Anna Chlumsky of HBO’s Veep; Nate Silver, statistician."

They go on to mention how the University of Chicago has an average alumni participation rate of 22%, to see more and to look at the complete list of schools with happy and successful alumni click here! 

The University of Chicago does rank 21st on the list, the number 1 school on the list for happy and successful alumni is Dartmouth followed by Williams College in Massachusettes, and Princeton in third.

I got to be honest, I'm not shocked my alma mater Northern Illinois University didn't show up on this list. As much as I love my school and had a great time there, I haven't been back in almost a decade, I still root for them in sports, and follow my school on social media, but not a lot beyond that. Do you still participate in things at your college for alumni?

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