Would you support free meals for your students at school in Missouri? That is a question one Missouri lawmaker is asking you and fellow lawmakers to consider. How close is it to becoming a reality? Let's take a look at it...

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According to an article from stltoday.com, there is a Missouri Republican lawmaker who is trying to make lunches free for students in the Show-Me State. The lawmaker's name is Rep. Brian Seitz, and in the article they say...

"“The pandemic helped teach us that school lunches can be paid for instead of by the parents,” said Rep. Brian Seitz, R-Branson. “I just think it’s time that the government — now that we have a surplus — the government and the school districts take care of those children.”"

The article goes on to state that there are other states who are taking action to try and make lunches free for kids as well, states like Vermont, California, Colorado, and Maine.

Seitz is also quoted in the article saying...

"“There is a budget surplus within the Missouri government, so let’s take care of these young people so that they might be more apt to learn because they’re well fed,”"

To read all about this movement for free lunches in Missouri click here!

I will say that there will be lingering changes from the 2020 pandemic, and if finding a way to budget for kids to have free lunches is part of that I think that is a step in a positive direction. Sound off...Do you think this is a good idea?

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