Goldie was in the WBKR studio last week to promote her 7th Annual One-Time Only New Year's Eve Show at the RiverPark Center.  She and I were chatting off air and getting caught up on life, etc.  That's when she told me that she has already started putting Christmas trees up.  Whoa!!  What???  Really???  And, well, she sent me photos to prove it.

Goldie Payne

Our very own Brent Gardner came into the studio as this conversation was wrapping up.  Guess what?  He still has his Christmas tree up from last year.

Brent Gardner

He never took it down!!!  So, he's just going to keep it up through the holiday season.

And, okay, I'll lay it out there and make a confession too.  Kevin and I have a couple of Christmas trees.  One of them is a small tree that Kevin won at a March of Dimes event a few years ago.  It is STILL up too!  In fact, it sits in the living room and we use it because we like the lights.  We did take the ornaments off it though.

So, alright  Confess it!  Do YOU have your Christmas tree up already?  If so, we want to see photos.