ALDI's grocery stores have announced a voluntary recall on a select brand of apples sold in stores in both Indiana and Kentucky due to the possibility of Listeria contamination.

According to the Food Poison Journal, Listeria is a bacteria that can cause illnesses including meningitis. It can also be potentially deadly to unborn children.

The recall applies to the following types of apples grown by Michigan-based Jack Brown Produce:

  • Fuji Apples, 3 lb. bag, UPC code: 033383087139
  • Gala Apples, 3 lb. bag, UPC code: 033383086897
  • Golden Apples, 3 lb. bag, UPC code: 033383081175
  • Honeycrisp Apples, 2 lb. bag, UPC code: 079954000015
  • Honeycrisp Apples, unpackaged, PLU sticker: 3283

The affected apples may also be listed under the name, "Apple Ridge," and were available in stores between December 11th and 16th. If you purchased any of the apples listed above, throw them out, and contact the ALDI store you purchased them from for a full refund.

ALDI operates two stores in Evansville, on the west and east side, respectively, and one in Owensboro.

[Source: ALDI]

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