Melissa Thompson of Lewisport, Kentucky knows how to coupon!  Over the weekend, this self-proclaimed "Coupon Queen" essentially got an SUV full of groceries and supplies for just $5.08.  Take a look at this!

Photo by Melissa Thompson

The story of how Melissa learned the art of couponing is an inspiring one.  At 17-years-old, she was a single mom who "refused to live on welfare."  So, she started couponing.  Twenty-five years later . . . after years of research . . . she is truly a "Coupon Queen."  As you can tell by the photo above, she has mastered the art of saving money.

Melissa is in the process of writing a book about her experience and plans to include the knowledge she has learned over two decades.  She has truly learned how to save money on everything from canned goods to vehicles!  Here are some things she has learned over the years and Melissa says these are key tips to follow . . .

1. Have the right supplies such as a coupon organizer, scissors, calculator, etc.

2. Take time to make a list before you go to the store.

3. Use resources other than paper coupons such as apps, digital coupons, rebates, etc.

Photo courtesy of Melissa Thompson

If you'd like to master the art of couponing as well, stay tuned!  Melissa has announced that classes are coming soon.  She's going to be sharing her money-saving tips with you.  Having taught classes to folks from 8-years-old to 78-years-old+, Melissa says anyone can learn the art of couponing and it actually doesn't take as much time as you think!  We'll share full details and class schedules with you as soon as they are finalized.  Who knows?  Maybe you can fill up the back of your SUV for $5.08 too!