Hey All Angel Here!  By now you know I love yard sales, thrift shops, and consignment deals!  Last summer I scored a major deal and didn't even know how good it was until I posted it on Facebook!

I love heading out to sales on Saturday mornings when the time allows.  Last summer I hit the deals lottery in one day.

I generally look for items for the home or kids because it saves me money and if they break it I didn't pay that much for it in the first place.  I happened to be out riding my bike early on a Saturday and stopped at this house in our neighborhood.  The lady was selling things left and right and I knew it was the place to be!  I walked up and immediately spotted a kitchen and radio flyer wagon with seats.  I thought I probably can't afford it but I will ask.  To my surprise she wanted $3 for each item!  HOLY CRAP!  I didn't have money on me but thankfully she put them aside and I rushed home to grab money.

I had been looking for a kitchen for Charlotte and didn't want to spend a fortune.  When I brought it home I cleaned it up and posted it on facebook for my friends to see how cute Charlotte looked playing with it.  Well everyone began posting saying it was the yard sale deal of the year!  The kitchen retails for anywhere from $140-$200 in stores.  The wagon retails for $90.  I paid $6!

I was so happy to know I had scored such a major deal and knew my momma would have been proud.  The kids use both things almost daily.  And I even had a dear friend give me a set of dishes for the kitchen.

Angel Welsh

Charlotte loves going to sale with me!  I even give my kids their own money to shop for deals.

What is the best deal you have ever found at a yard sale?