Last week Jason Aldean and Thomas Rhett's children took the toddler challenge and passed with flying colors.  Angel decided to give Charlotte the challenge and recorded the whole thing.  Let's just say #HILARIOUS #FAIL

Here's how it works:  You take your toddler and sit them down with a delicious and irresistible snack.  You place it right in front of them and make sure you have a phone close by getting all the action.  Then you tell them you have to go do something really quick and you will be right back.  While you are gone they are not allowed to touch the snack.   Leave them for about a minute and come back to see if they have touched the snack or listened to your instruction.

Parents all over have been trying this with their kids and the results are absolutely hilarious.

After watching Charlotte's video we have decided that Charlotte is either going to do great things or be the mastermind behind a huge bank heist LOL.

Just wait until you see her sinister laugh.  Cute or cray cray?!

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Angel's Quarantine Reflections



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