Does YOUR trash toter look like this?  Have you approached your toter recently only to be a surprised (or traumatized) by a big old squirrel face poking through the hole of the lid?  I walked out to my trash toter over the weekend and thought I heard something funny.  It sounded like something was rummaging around my garage.  Well, lo and behold, there was something rummaging around.  It was a freakin' squirrel dumpster diving through my toter like Angel.  I had my hand inches from the lid when the squirrel poked its head out of the hole.  Well, naturally, it scared me a little bit because I didn't know it was in there.  Well, I scared it back.  It looked right at me in the most #StrangerDanger way.  It dove back down into the toter then sprang out of the hole like it was catapulted by a fellow varmint.

These Cute Little Critters Will Wreck Your Trash Toter's Life

Have you had similar experiences with squirrels in your trash toter?  Are they terrorizing your trash receptacles?  LOL!

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