"You're a mean one, Mr. Grinch. You really are a heel." -- Albert Hague, Dr. Seuss

See, we only THINK the Grinch is a fictional character. Okay, well THAT one is. But Grinches pop up in human form throughout the holiday season in an attempt to fleece those of us caught up in the holiday mindset and not expecting an opportunistic lowlife to enter our lives with the hopes of dowsing our Christmas spirit.

Yes, another social media scam has returned to plague Holiday Season 2020. And just because it must now feel like 2020 was MADE for such shenanigans, we can head this off at the pass.

I'd like to think that since this sort of thing has occurred in years past, we'd be ready for it. But again, the holiday season has the kind of effect on our psyches that might make us a little less vigilant.

But the Better Business Bureau is on it and ready to take your calls and emails should you receive an invitation to join what sounds like a fun holiday gift exchange.

And that's how it begins. Then, when you provide the sender with your name and address AND the personal information of a handful of friends and then add it to an already established list of perfect strangers, the ball is rolling.

I certainly hope you've clicked the link I provided, because the BBB can explain this WAY better than I can. I'm finding it very confusing, actually. But that doesn't make me vulnerable.

It's always easier to NOT do something than it is to DO something. So here's what I'm NOT going to do:

If I get one of these invitations, I'm NOT going to pay it any mind. I mean, for one thing, this is a pyramid scheme, so it's illegal. I disregard chain letters/emails, too. I'm also NOT ever going to give a stranger any of my personal information.

What I will do is report the post should I receive such an invite.

It really is easy to nip this thing in the bud and prevent the Grinch from stealing another Christmas.

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