Helga Wade is an amazing lady who started an outreach program in her church called, Bags of Love. After her husband of 52 years died battling lung cancer she decided to not sit at home on her couch and be depressed. Helga asked God to use her in some way that would help others. God answered her prayers after she did some research and found out about a program that was a perfect fit for her.

Helga is a seamstress and what better way to use the gifts that God has placed in her, than to sew for others in need. She started sewing bags and quilts in her church and then recruited other ladies who enjoyed to sew for others. These bags of love are made for children from infant to seventeen years old. They are delivered to the Sunrise Foster Agency, Benchmark, State Foster Program, Oasis Women's Shelter, Friends of Sinners, Fresh Start, Detention Center and any other agencies who call her with a need to help children.

I asked Helga how many bags of love she has made in the last five years and she said over 800 bags! These bags are adorable and brighten the life of children in need. Helga works on donations only and the generosity of people who give to her to fill these bags. Each bag costs around $30 to fill, but they sure look a lot more expensive. There is a big stuffed animal in the younger children's bags along with coloring books, puzzles, dolls, toys, and toiletry items. And of course, each child receives a really nice home made blanket, made with Love! The bags that these items are placed in is also made by Helga!

This program is always in need of volunteers and donations to fill the bags.

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