Fresh Start for Women is a little over one years old, first opening its doors in Owensboro on November 1, 2016.  This transitional housing for Women offers  low-cost housing that provides positive “community” support for women trying to get back on their feet. This special 12-apartment provides a safe place for those in search of living a life free of addiction.

Theresa & Carol & Brenda 2018

Carol Adkins and Brenda Sharp have been working with women in recovery for many years. They are both passionate about helping Women in need, especially those who need a Fresh Start in life. Carol noticed that many women complete treatment for alcohol and drug addictions and then returned to their same dysfunctional way of living. Carol along with Cindy Jean, a board member of Fresh Start wanted to do something to help these women. They brought their passions together and developed 'Fresh Start,' a transitional housing for women who have been incarcerated or have had some sort of conflict with criminal and civil law.

The vision of Fresh Start is to develop a community living situation for single women, or single women with children, who have completed an addition recovery program and are committed to a lifestyle change. Carol and Brenda, along with many other volunteers in our community want to help support and encourage these women as they take the next step toward independence by providing transitional housing for up to two years in order to modify destructive life-styles and to help prepare these women emotionally and financially to transition into permanent housing.
On Friday, May 18th, Fresh Start for Women is having its second annual
Break the Chains Charity Lock-up. They are arresting members of the community and they are asking them to raise their bail to help support this worthy cause.
Bail is set at $500. The lock up will take place in the parking lot at Legacy Church, 3300 Frederica Street from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM. There will be food, door prizes and lots of fun!
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