All 26 members of Jerry Morris' family are on vacation in Gatlinburg and they are not alone.

The Morrises are experiencing something that is always a possibility in the Smokies.

There's a BEAR on their vacation premises.

Doodle Morris

Chad and I were talking about the incident and we agreed that the cub (looks like a cub)--named "John" by Doodle Morris' son Deegan--must've heard that the people known for smoking Boston butts, chickens, and ribs all over the tri-state were headed to east Tennessee.

Doodle Morris


As of this writing, "John" has been there for an hour.

According to Doodle, he takes care of everything when the trash man doesn't show up AND that he was a big fan of the macaroni & cheese and gravy from the morning's breakfast.

What a fun story they'll all be able to tell for the rest of their lives.

I've never seen a bear while in Gatlinburg. Only three raccoons who weren't crazy about me.

Maybe next time.