I normally order everything through the drive through nowadays, but there's one place I love going to and sitting inside to eat.

I know you've been to Beefaroo.  If you've ever lived in Rockford, you've made a stop at this local restaurant.  What's your go-to order?  I ALWAYS get a roast beef with lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise, plus an order of cheese fries and a kids size blue raspberry shake!

Something about sitting inside Beefaroo at one of their booths and indulging in their delicious food just makes my meal taste so much better.  You feel me?

Like I said, I always order a side of cheese fries.  Toss some of their famous salt on top and that cup is gone in .0000003 seconds.  After talking with a few friends, I realized I haven't tried a ton of other cheese fries in the Rockford area. I've always ever just said Beefaroo's is the best.

So, I need to know... does Beefaroo have the BEST cheese fries in the Stateline?  Just looking at the photo below makes my mouth water.  I could go for cheese fries any time of day.

Plenty of my friends suggested other places to try like Portillo's, Buddy's Burgers, Uncle Nick's, and Zammuto's.  Where do you think I should start my cheese fry journey at?

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According to Beefaroo's Instagram page, they were voted to having the BEST fries in Rockford.  Maybe this is a sign!

Tell me what you think, does Beefaroo have THE BEST cheese fries in Rockford or is there another restaurant that serves cheese fries that make your taste buds scream?  Let me know!


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