National Burrito Day is April 7th, so what better way to celebrate than by making a trip to one of these restaurants you voted as the best in southern Indiana and western Kentucky for great Mexican food.

When my family and I go out of town for vacation, we often try to hit a restaurant or two the locals swear by instead of rolling into some chain restaurant we don't have here in the Tri-State, because if anyone knows the best places to eat in a certain city, it's the people who live there.

While I certainly have my favorite places here in the Tri-State to get burritos, tacos, enchiladas, chimichangas, and everything in between when the mood strikes, I am just one person and your opinion may be different from mine. That's why I recently put together a list of over 50 restaurants in the area that specialize in Mexican cuisine and let you vote on your favorites. After giving you a few days to "let your voice be heard," I've tallied the votes to find the top 10 places you say are a must-go when you must-have Mexican.

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Try one, or try them all. But, whichever you choose, make sure you bring an appetite and some wet naps to clean yourself up with afterward.

15 Best Mexican Restaurants in Southern Indiana and Western Kentucky

Whether you're craving a burrito, taco, nachos, chimichanga, enchilada, or a margarita, these are the best places to get them according to residents.

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My pallet is very 'Kid menu' friendly, but I'll sit and watch Triple D all day. Now, not only has the show never been anywhere really close to us, it's been at least 9 years since Guy has filmed in Indiana. That in itself should be a crime. So, let's spread the word, and get these local eateries some national attention

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