Check this out!  The Daviess County High School Pantherettes got quite a surprise this afternoon when they were practicing in Orlando.  The dance team was right outside Universal Studios when they were approached by security guards.  A very special guest was bringing his family to the park.  It was Brad Paisley!!  Here's the video.  He was so close they could've checked him for ticks.  LOL!


The Pantherettes are in Orlando for NDA Nationals.  They are set to compete in the morning at 8:05 EST (their hip hop routine) and then again at 11am (game day performance).  The girls were trying to get in some valuable, last-minute practice time. Coach Kendal Connor says that right after they were approached by the park security guards, two vehicles pulled up.  Brad Paisley and his family got out and headed into the park through the side gates.  That was Kendal you heard in the video.  She told Brad and his family to have a fun time and he replied, "Have fun yourself!"

Kendal says the team asked her if they could get a team photo with Brad.  But Kendal said they should just let Brad enjoy time with his family.

As for the DCHS Pantherettes, they're enjoying their time too!  I mean, Brad Paisley just make a surprise walk-on at their practice!  But, tomorrow morning, the ladies are set to get down to business.  They're gunning for a national title!

Good luck to the DCHS Pantherettes.  Oh, and Brad Paisley . . . have fun yourself!


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