It's a good thing Super Bowl commercials took on a life of their own so long ago. I mean, in the unfortunate event that the most anticipated sporting event of the year turns into a blowout, they're all we have.

Fans could've used that creative shot in the arm in 1986 when the Chicago Bears were mauling the poor New England Patriots, who drew the figurative short straw that season. SOMEBODY was going to have to be sacrificed at the altar of Refrigerator Perry and company that year. We just didn't know who. And, yes, there was little doubt the Bears were getting to the final game.

It wasn't until nine years later that Super Bowl ad rates went through the roof and the commercials became just as anticipated as a trailer for the next movie blockbuster.

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And with that upgrade in quality came a higher profile for the Budweiser Clydesdales, who had represented Annheuser-Busch during the Big Game for 37 years, until 2021, when no ads for Budweiser were purchased.

But, hey, forget TV. You might be able to see them in PERSON this summer, as the legendary ponies will be making an appearance in Cave City, Kentucky.

The city's police department heralded their arrival over the holiday weekend:

I am telling you, there is potential TO SPARE in Cave City, Kentucky. It's on one of the nation's busiest interstates and lies almost halfway between Nashville and Louisville.

I'm not saying an appearance by the Clydesdales will make that happen, in and of itself, but they ARE going to be in Cave City.

Could be a start.

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