When it comes to butter, we use it for a variety of things. This time of year we use a lot of it for holiday baking. However, we might have an issue when it comes to buying butter this holiday season.

Butter. It's something that we use practically every day with our food. Whether it be to put into baked potatoes, cake mixes, toast, or even corn, there's no doubt that we use a lot of it. Speaking of corn, you should try it with butter...everything will change.

Anyway...back to the point.

We use a lot of butter, and around the holidays we use a lot more of it. However, we may have a hard time finding enough butter this holiday season. According to WDTN, the  Wall Street Journal recently reported a dairy shortage in the U.S. due to staffing issues and lower milk production. The law of supply and demand says that when the demand exceeds the supply, prices will go up. That will be no different when it comes to butter. WDTN reports:

Since last summer, butter prices have soared, making it one of the grocery items hardest hit by inflation, data from the Labor Department shows. Butter prices jumped 24.6% between late July 2021 and August 2022, third only to margarine (38.3%) and eggs (39.8%).
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The New York Post says that the supply problem won't stop at butter this holiday season either. With tight milk and cream supplies, cheese makers might face production issues too. That being said, the dairy industry is fully aware of this issue and is working to supply butter and other dairy products that we need in the upcoming months. However, it could be harder to find them on shelves at the store, and even if we were to find them, we will most likely be spending even more than we are now.

(H/T WDTN and New York Post)

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