In 2020 my husband and I purchased our first camper. We bought it brand new with the intention of keeping it for a very long time. After all, we love camping, and most of our good friends also RV camp. That purchase has catapulted us into the thought of starting a business involving RVs and RV camping.

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RV business opportunities.

We have seriously contemplated flipping campers because the newer campers are so cheaply made. We also thought of getting more than one camper to rent out to others who want to RV camp, but don't want to buy a travel trailer.

Just like Airbnb for renting our houses, there is an app and website for renting out your camper, too. As we researched, we had some major concerns about hitching a camper up to someone's truck or vehicle and just waving bye. What if they couldn't pull a camper? Or, what if they don't know how to safely and properly pull a travel trailer?

Is it difficult to pull a travel trailer?

According to,


<p>It's actually pretty easy to drive a travel trailer. As you drive forward, the trailer will follow you in a very natural way. Provided your vehicle is rated to tow your trailer, you will not find it hard to go up hills, brake, or do most of the other things you would normally do while driving.</p><p> </p>

Keywords there; easy if you...go most of the things you would normally do while driving. What that means is if you normally drive your vehicle in an erratic way, you will also tow a travel trailer the same way. That is why we were afraid to rent our camper out. There are so many mistakes you can make that could be very dangerous to you and others around you.

What you should do when towing a travel trailer?

  • Prepare properly: Before leaving, make sure you hitch your vehicle correctly, check your visibility, and check your brakes and brake controller.
  • Be in the know: Make sure you know your trailer height and route details.
  • Drive safe: Be cautious when turning and backing up. Understand how towing a trailer affects going up and down hills and how your truck brakes. Always be on the lookout for trailer sway and remember to take it easy! -

What special rule should you remember when pulling a trailer? says,

Remember to keep your speed at or below 55 miles per hour, as this will help you avoid trailer sway and combination disturbance. Don't let the other drivers pressure you into driving any faster and let them pass you. If you must pass another vehicle, only do so if you can maintain the recommended maximum speed limit.

How important is it to properly hitch a travel trailer to your vehicle?

Super important because If you don't, you will lose your trailer. It will come unhitched from your vehicle which could be very dangerous if there are other vehicles around you.

Luckily, this happened in the middle of the night when there was little traffic. A photo was taken by a Louisville, KY TRIMARC traffic camera.

I have to admit I laughed out loud when I saw the photo. It's just a lonely little camper sitting in the middle of a Louisville empty highway. No sign of the owners.

You would think that the driver would've had to realize that they lost the camper. Right? I don't know the back story on this camper, or what happened to its owner, but I'm sure it was moved off of the highway before morning rush hour.

Obviously, the person towing the above camper could have used the helpful towing tips in this article and the below video.

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