With the prices of everything rising in the Country, people are finding the most unique ways to save a lot, even if that means test driving a car for free eggs.

Remember when a carton of eggs was just .99 cents?  I miss those days.

Now, a dozen eggs is nearly $6.  Some states, eggs are $18/dozen.  Eggspensive...


I was scrolling through Facebook yesterday and stopped on a post from a car dealership in my town, Lou Bachrodt Auto Mall in Rockford, Illinois.

Normally, I'd just scroll past because I'm not in the market for a new car just yet, but something they said caught my eye.

Their Facebook post said this:

It's the perfect day for a test drive during our 2022 Blowout!!  Every brand new 22 is BELOW invoice. PLUS take a test drive and head home with a dozen eggs on us! [Bachrodt]


Canva/Lou Bachrodt

FREE EGGS with a test drive?  Tempting.  Very tempting.

You're telling me you wouldn't go test drive a car for a free dozen eggs?  Babe, do what you gotta do if you're not trying to spend an arm and a leg on groceries.

Listen, I caved.

I went to see what this promotion was all about... and ended up walking away with a free dozen eggs..


With all the memes and jokes circulating the internet about the crazy prices of eggs, this was the perfect promotion any company could offer right now lol.

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If you're wondering, I did make some delicious chicken, egg, cheese, and spinach sandwiches with my free eggs.  It did not disappoint!


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So if you're in the market for a new car and don't feel like picking up eggs at the grocery store, knock them out together!  Bachrodt is having this promo while supplies last.

If you're really in desperate need of eggs for your next breakfast, buy it at local grocery stores in the Stateline like Gray's Food StoresVan Laars Farm Market and Bake ShopWoodman's, or even Schnuck's!

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