Last Friday evening Charlotte and her daddy attended their very first Daddy/Daughter Dance.  It was definitely one of the most memorable experiences of my life as her momma-->If you haven't figured it out by now I cherish every single milestone in Charlotte's life.  Not because she is the youngest or the only girl because she isn't my only little girl but more so because I never got to experience any of this with my Kathern.  I soak up every opportunity to be girly with her, do mother/daughter activities, and just be best friends.  This past Friday, her daddy got to take that spotlight and whisk our beautiful little girl off to her very first dance.

Angel Welsh

Yes I may be a bit bias but good gosh a mighty she is GORGEOUS!  She had so much fun with her daddy.  All week long she talked about going on a date and when you would ask her she would say "I get baby" because her daddy told her he would take her to get a baby doll and a milkshake before the dance.  Well she got her baby and the perfect memory for her first dance.

Joe said when they got to the dance she left him and went dancing and exploring on her own.  He loved just being with her.

I used to be in charge of hosting the Daddy/Daughter Date Night for the Owensboro Parks & Rec Department for years and I would look out and imagine my own little girl.  Friday it was made a reality!

We would love to see all your Daddy/Daughter Dance pictures!  Share them with us in the comments~