It's "Back to School Week" in Kentucky and we've all been reminiscing, haven't we? It just happens when you see the kids hop on the bus or when parents drop them off at school.

Chad wrote about vivid memories he has of his first day at Thruston Elementary School and I tip my hat; I don't HAVE vivid memories of my first day. But I certainly remember FIRST GRADE.

That was the one and only time I ever got spanked in school. Honest. I was a good kid through 12 years of elementary, middle, and high school education. But because I didn't try hard enough to be as quiet as possible, I got caught.

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Mrs. Martin, a former sergeant, was my first grade teacher and she was very strict. She scared me to death.

One day, while she was with a reading group at the front of the class, I ask a fellow student at my table if I borrow a red crayon. I was very quiet, but I guess Mrs. Martin wore her bionic ear that day and heard me. She came to our table, asked me to stand up, and walloped me with her teacher's edition reading textbook. I never looked at red crayons the same way again.

But I really do have fun memories of Masonville Elementary School and, as far as I know, all three of my favorite Masonville teachers are still living. They would be Mrs. Nantz--a current Facebook friend of mine, Mrs. Peveler, and Mrs. Davis.

I remember marionette shows in the gym. I don't who the traveling puppeteers were, but we had one show a year and we could not WAIT for it. Imagination is a wonderful thing. They were just puppets with interchangeable backdrops, yet we were completely enthralled and transported.

I remember Christmas shows with a different theme every year.

And, more recently, I got to tour the old school before it was sold and became a Pentecostal church:

The memories come flooding back every time I watch that video AND every time I pass it out on 231.

It may not be Masonville Elementary School anymore, but the building is still there. And despite the fact that it's gotten a much-needed facelift, it hasn't changed one bit in my mind.

Go Maroons!

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