Most people that haven't been to Missouri don't think of mountains when they imagine what it's like. Perhaps that should change as there are multiple videos that show how pretty it is from Taum Sauk, the highest point in Missouri.

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I could make an argument that the hike up Taum Sauk Mountain in Missouri should be on just about everyone's bucket list of things to do in the Show Me State. The Missouri State Parks website describes the hike up Taum Sauk as a "solitary experience for the hiker". They're not wrong.

7,500 acres of Missouri wilderness in the St. Francois Mountains. There are way worse ways to spend your time especially considering there are a lot of picnic and camp sites along the 10 mile trail. Part of the journey even includes the Ozark Trail. It sure is pretty up there especially during the Fall months.

If you're thinking "well heck yes, I'd love to hike to the top of Missouri", the state has a helpful map to give you a literal lay of the land. The state of Missouri website does warn there are some trails that are more than 10% grade as far as steepness is concerned so it's not exactly a walk in the park. However, the reward of what that view looks like at the top of Missouri is more than worth the journey.

Make sure to check out the Taum Sauk Mountain information if you'd like to see what the ultimate height in Missouri looks like.

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