There are many stories that have been told about buried gold in Missouri and many refer to the same source - the Spanish. Let's explore some of the many tales which claim there is Spanish gold hidden in the Missouri Ozarks.

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Legends of America mentions 2 possible caches of Spanish riches in the Missouri Ozarks. One speaks of a Spanish mine in the Ozark hills where 7 men discovered ore and ended up killing each other since they couldn't agree how to split it. To this day, that mine has never been discovered. There are also stories about Spanish gold near Noble Hill, Missouri north of Springfield. Only In Your State listed this as their #1 lost treasure in Missouri many years ago.

One of the more elaborate legends of Spanish gold in Missouri speaks of treasure in Cass County. Before being killed in battle with Indians in 1772, the Spanish supposedly buried 3,000 pounds of gold and 1,000 pounds of silver. This happened near Harrisonville, Missouri and the story was documented by a newspaper article Cass County Times-Courier on October 24, 1879 according to Legends of America.

The legend of Spanish gold in the cave systems in the Ozarks covering both Missouri and Arkansas is so prevalent, the Old Spanish Treasure Cave is even a tourist attraction. The word is they're still discovering Spanish relics in the cave to this day.

There isn't even really debate about whether or not the Spanish left gold in Missouri. The only real questions are where and how much. Those are two questions that to this day have never been answered.

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