It's not easy being a police officer. Keep that in mind as I share the story of a Chicago cop who was apparently a little too relaxed on vacation as he's been accused of doing things into an ice machine that should not be done.

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Don't blame me for this one. It's The Smoking Gun's fault. I'm gonna leave this man's name out of this story as I do seriously sympathize with law enforcement and the pressure of trying to maintain order in society these days. Here's the short version of what the unnamed officer is accused of. He's been charged with battery and disorderly conduct after he was allegedly caught...(*ahem*)...relieving himself into an ice machine at Jimmy B’s Beach Bar in St. Petersburg.

You can see the police report shared by The Smoking Gun for the gnarly details. As the story goes, the unnamed vacationing police officer from The Windy City was allegedly caught in the act of ruining the ice with his urination when an employee tried to stop him. The police report claims that the employee was pushed a couple of times and a security guard is said to have witnessed the icy confrontation.

The police report states that alcohol is suspected to be a factor in the incident. You don't say?

It's stated in the Smoking Gun article that the officer has been with the Chicago police force for 5 years. We all have bad days. This guy just happened to have his on vacation and now he's facing the music for the allegations. Like I said, it's not easy being a police officer.

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